The Nightmare Before Christmas

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Our good friend Jeffery Venning came home Christmas morning to find his home had been destroyed by a fire. Shortly before 6am, a fire started in his downstairs tenants' apartment. It quickly consumed the building, causing $150,000 damage according to police and firefighter reports. The house has been declared a total loss and will soon be demolished.

In addition to losing all his possessions, his cat Maurice was killed in the fire. The devastation of the fire is made worse due to Jeff being laid off from his longtime job just two weeks ago. His homeowners insurance will barley cover his mortgage payoff and demolition costs.

Jeff has always been a responsible, hard worker, never living beyond his means as so many of us have. The downturn of the economy has hit him unfairly, and he has now lost everything due to the fire.

jeffery is one of the kindest, most giving, caring people I know. He is a man of modest means, but has always found a way to give to others in need, be it a beer at the local bar, or a warm hat (off his own head) or pack of smokes to a homeless person. I can't think of any time Jeff has said no to any request made of him.

Jeffery now has only the clothes he was wearing at the time of the fire. Were it me or you, I know Jeffery would be giving whatever he could. So I please ask you in his time of need, to give whatever you can.

There will be a number of benefits in the coming weeks to help raise money to get Jeff back on his feet. Information on them can be found by following the benefits link at the top of this page. We are also accepting donations via paypal which can be made through this site.

We are working on a mailing address for any clothing or other goods people wish to donate directly and will post it as soon as we have a confirmed address.

Thank you for your generosity, every bit can help Jeff get back into a home and replace the simple necessities of life that he has lost.